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The US National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) and National Science Foundation have jointly funded the new FluencyBank project (fluency.talkbank.org), an initiative of TalkBank (www.talkbank.org). Like other Talkbank initiatives (e.g., CHILDES, AphasiaBank, PhonBank), FluencyBank allows researchers to combine data/resources across a common computational platform, using specially developed tools. Free training is available in transcription and data analysis; we can convert past project data to the CLAN platform for additional unique analyses. FluencyBank’s teaching site (fluency.talkbank.org/teaching.html) has more than two dozen adult fluency “clients” for classroom discussion/assignments. FluencyBank funding: NIDCD: 1 R01 DC015494-01 and NSF BCS-1626300/1626294 to Brian MacWhinney [Carnegie-Mellon University] and Nan Bernstein Ratner [University of Maryland].

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