DATE: Tuesday, 19 September 2023 – 14:00 (2pm) UK time
NOTE: Save the attached calendar invite for your time zone

Meeting ID: 792 432 4343
Passcode: CLAN

See below for full information on the workshop.

To help us allocate time effectively, it would really help if you could take this VERY SHORT survey at

It will also be important for you to do the following in order to maximize the value of the activity:

  1. Go to and download the appropriate version of CLAN for your LAPTOP/COMPUTER. This will save a lot of time. Please note that CLAN is NOT supported for Ipads or Chromebooks.
  2. Download what we call the SLP Guide to CLAN (a fast start Guide) at We suggest putting it on your desktop or printing it out if you like to follow an instruction guide.
  3. Either before OR after the session, we strongly recommend the 5 video tutorials (75 minutes in total) at These will be particularly useful for anyone on your "home team" who won't be there for the training.
  4. Additional downloads are available here
    WARNING: Only open the CHAT files (.cha) INSIDE of the CLAN program,
    or they will be ruined and you will need to copy them to the CLAN/Work file again from the link provided.

NOTE: We will record the session for those who cannot make the live event.

On behalf of Nan Bernstein Ratner, F-, H-ASHA, F-AAAS, ABCLD


1. What is the main focus or theme of the CLAN Workshop?

We will address: general guiding principles of TalkBank/FluencyBank, including

2. Who are the intended participants for this workshop?

Both clinicians and researchers can benefit from the workshop. CLAN utilities ease both transcription and analysis of client speech and language behaviors of interests to clinicians; additional resource management and computational assets in CLAN can greatly benefit researchers, particularly those working with large data sets.

NOTE: Although the workshop will be in English, TalkBank/FluencyBank are multi-lingual projects/resources with analytical capability in numerous languages. To see which languages are currently supported by TalkBank, please visit:

3. What are the workshop's key objectives and what can participants expect to gain from attending?
We will have additional, experienced CLAN users at the workshop to assist individual attendees to:

4. Who will conduct the workshop?

The workshop will primarily be taught by Dr. Nan Bernstein Ratner, co-founder of FluencyBank and an experienced user and developer of CLAN language and fluency routines and conventions. She will be assisted by current and former colleagues Carly Rosvold and Erica Lescht to provide individualized help during the session. All will be present for the entire ODC meeting for follow-up. Additional confirmed attendees at ODC are also experienced CLAN users who may be able to provide personal guidance upon request.

5. Are there any prerequisites or recommended background knowledge required for participants?

YES. While there are no prerequisites, we will ask ALL WORKSHOP ATTENDEES TO DOWNLOAD SOME MATERIALS and REVIEW a short series of videos to achieve maximum benefit from attendance. ATTENDEES SHOULD ALSO BRING THEIR LAPTOPS to the workshop. The materials are:

Dr. Bernstein Ratner is happy to answer any questions you have prior to arriving at Oxford for the workshop. She can be reached directly at (please do not email credit card information under any circumstances).

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