Pre-Conference Workshop

How to use FluencyBank resources in your clinical work, teaching and research

Free CLAN software (developed with funding from the US NIH and NSF) can make both clinical and research work in stuttering and other disorders more efficient and informative. This workshop will prepare attendees to create their own media-linked speech samples using the open-access, free CLAN software suite, and annotate them for fluency and other behaviors of interest. Users will then practice using CLAN to generate fluency (FluCalc) and language profiles (Eval/KidEval). The session will also address use of FluencyBank resources for teaching as well as research, with examples of teaching activities and published research projects. This session is underwritten in part by NIDCD funding. A modest fee is requested to cover refreshments.

DATE: Tuesday, 19 September 2023 - afternoon

COST: £5.00 + VAT = £6.00

REGISTRATION: Sign up when you reserve your place at the 13th Oxford Dysfluency Conference. You will find an option to add the workshop during the registration process.

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Supporting Publications

Journal of Communication Disorders

Journal of Fluency Disorders